Source Documenter

This is an alternative implementation of the DocumentationManager class that comes with Dolphin Smalltalk and enables the generation of HTML documentation for a class.

The SourceDocumenter package includes a number of advantages over the DocumentationManager; find Class and methods references in Comments, shows method argument names, can generate documentation for multiple packages and classes, includes summary pages for the contents of packages, class categories and protocols.

There is still some work that I would like to do on it; support classes that only differ in case, improve generation performance, better formatting of produced pages, support css, tidy up the code, generate to a single file rather than one file per class, optionally don't overwrite index.html, include dialog box to define and run the documenter.

SourceDocumenter-1_1.pac - 1.1 (16-Mar-2003) Includes missing HtmlWriteStream class from previous release. Many thanks to Diego Coronel for spotting the mistake and sending in a suitable implementation. Cheers.

SourceDocumenter_20011219.pac - 1.0 (19 Dec 2001)

Example Output