Abora Hypermedia Project 2001-2005

Investigation into the Xanadu/Udanax Gold hypertext systems through prototyping and Smalltalk-Java conversations.

Visit: https://abora.dgjones.info

Abora was an ongoing project to implement and nurture information systems that enable individuals and groups to create a rich literature of long lived works. The interconnected nature of documents will be supported from the core up through quoting and fine-grained typed links. Collaboration of individuals across time by concurrent modifications, strong versioning, refined change notifications, and external commenting. Extensible first-class document types from text to movies to structured research data. Resilient, adaptive and relevant implementations that will cope with and last for a lifetime of use. All-in-one solutions and generic server with API will be released under open-source licenses.

A number of sub-projects exploring these aims are documented on this website. A limited demo was written in Summer 2002 that gives a flavour for some of the core features.

  • Udanax-Gold2Java [2001,2003,2005]
  • Dolphin Demo [2002]
  • Abora-White [2003]
  • Udanax-Gold2Dolphin [2001]

Current work on the project is strongly influenced by the ideas of Ted Nelson as articulated in his Xanadu hypermedia project, and also the design and implementation of Udanax-Gold by XOC.