David Jones is a software programmer by trade with interests in street photography, design, architecture, and ...

For more details see: Resume.

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Sample of the commercial, open-source, and personal projects I have been involved with over the years.

  • 2013 Product: helloreceipts.com Distributed receipt processing service using humans and implemented with NodeJS/Heroku/MongoDB/Service based.
  • 2012 Product: tripsnapz.com Automated image gallery generation augmented by location, weather and other services.
  • 2006 Product: devcreek.com Feedback to developers and teams on their testing and development behaviour to help them learn from realtime networked metrics gathering, with Kent Beck.
  • 2002 Product: NetVQ Automative sales quotation system that used an in-memory datastore.
  • 1999 Product: Machiavelli Turn based multiuser network adaptation of the Avalon Hill Machiavelli boardgame.
  • 1996 Product: Dolphin Smalltalk Implementation of the Smalltalk programming language and development environment for Windows.
  • 1995 Product: Lavoisier Interactive school chemistry laboratory that simulated chemical reactions with a reactive UI.
  • 1994 Personal: Trynth Turn based multiuser space game on the Acorn Archimedes with AI experiment using genetic programming.
  • 1993 Personal: Smalltalk-80 based conversion of Little Smalltalk for the Acorn Archimedes.