Resume - David Jones

Software developer with 20 years of commercial experience working on products and custom development projects. I have been in team lead, technical lead, architect, and coaching roles, in addition to daily coding.

My preference is to be a member of a small development team, who are collectively responsible for all phases of development and delivery. I like the greater involvement of users found in product development. Where possible I aim for automating as much as possible, including testing and delivery. Advocate for agile development approaches, and have worked using variations of XP since 2000.

Recently used technologies: Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, Heroku, AngularJS, AWS, MongoDB, Docker.

✱ Intelliware Development, Toronto, Canada, 1999/07 - Current

Technical Architect, team lead, and programmer on more than twenty software projects across the fields of start-up, product development, financial, e-health, manufacturing, and developer tooling. Instrumental in the early adoption of XP and agile processes in the company from 2000. Started a weekly technical reading group that ran for more than hundred sessions, and other initiatives such as an employee picture gallery.

ICT, 2015/02 - 2015/06

Technical lead for the Intelliware’s portfolio of ICT projects. Development and maintenance on ten or so projects for half-a-dozen customers spread across a range of web, server, and mobile technologies. Focus on improving automation to ease the burden of supporting such a broad range of projects, such as the use of Docker for continuous delivery and improved resource utilization.

IHTSDO, 2014/06 - 2014/12

Developer on the Member License Distribution Service website for IHTSDO, the developers of the SNOMED health terminology standard. Team was distributed across Canada and Europe. Technology: Java, AngularJS, Spring, PostgreSQL.

Unique, 2013/09 - 2014/3

Architect and developer on “fit me” button for the Unique clothing service to be placed on retailer’s websites. Implemented as a third-party JavaScript widget that supported automated sign-in without the use of browser cookies. Technology: Java, JavaScript, AngularJS, AWS, REST, Spring.

Hello Receipts, 2012/11 - 2013/07

Technical lead on product venture that was the first cloud based application development within the company, with an agile analytics approach. Technology: NodeJS, Java, Heroku, AWS, S3, SQS,, MongoDB, Redis, etc.

TripSnapz, 2012/10 - 2012/11

Technical lead on product venture to generating engaging trip summaries from a user’s online photos. Enriched with additional context from wikipedia, weather, and other external sources. Technology: Java, Facebook, Flickr, Wikipedia, etc.

OutsideIQ, 2011/10 - 2012/08

Developer on the OutsideIQ technology and implementation for insurance companies. Big data service that enriches internal corporate data with external data sources to support risk-based decision support systems. Technology: Java, GeoServer, Google Maps.

Process & Enterprise Technology Team, 2008/03 - 2011/08

Member of three person group that supported teams across the company in the delivery of their projects. Worked on range of initiatives: process and technology adoption; reducing continuous build times by the use of multiple VMWare VMs; organizing company technical talks and broadcasting between both locations; replacing company wiki; building a company wide search service on Solr, Nutch crawler, and Java; and so on.

DevCreek, 2006/06 - 2007/12

Technical lead on product with Kent Beck from 2006 to provide an open service for development teams to monitor, analyze, and learn from their ongoing project activities. Technology: Java, REST, Eclipse Plugin.

TripCentral, 2005/05 - 2006/06

Developer on thick client application for travel agents. Technology: Java, Eclipse RCP/JFace.

Other Projects

Outside of these listed projects I also worked on another dozen or so projects over my time at Intelliware.

✱ Machiavelli, Vancouver, Canada, 1999/02 - 1999/06

Adapted the Machiavelli board game as a multi-player network game with the intent of commercial publication. Technology: Windows DirectX, Dolphin Smalltalk, C.

✱ Object Technology International, Ottawa, Canada, 1997/11 - 1999/01

IBM VisualAge for Java, Ottawa, Canada, 1997/11 - 1999/01

Programmer in the UI team working on development browsers during the 2.0 and 3.0 releases. Technology: Smalltalk.

UML Modeller for VisualAge, London, UK, 1997/09 - 1997/10

Programmer prior to the initial release of the product. Technology: Smalltalk.

✱ Intuitive Systems Ltd, Stevenage, UK, 1995/10 - 1997/08

Hood, 1997/02 - 1997/08

Software engineer on a generic rules based data capture application, to be used in-house for creating insurance and banking applications. Technology: Java.

Dolphin Smalltalk, 1995/10 - 1997/01

Software Engineer on the Dolphin Smalltalk development environment. Present during early development and beta product release. Worked on development tools such as browsers, debuggers, menu builders, etc; module system; browser plugin; generation of stand-alone executables; software visualization. Technology: Dolphin Smalltalk, Visual C++, Windows 95/NT.

✱ CRM Ltd, Glasgow, UK, 1994/12 - 1995/09

Software Engineer on the Lavoisier product, an interactive multimedia simulation of a school chemistry laboratory for the educational market. Technology: Visual C++, Windows 3.1, Intel 8x86 assembly.

✱ Additional Experience

ACM OOPSLA’07 accepted video: From 0 to 1,169,600 in 3 minutes: nine months of testing by the DevCreek team, 2007

BSc Computer Science, Swansea, 1990/09 - 1993/06