Resume - David Jones

Software developer with 27 years of commercial experience working on products and custom development projects. I have been in team lead, technical lead, architect, and coaching roles, in addition to daily coding.

My preference is to be a member of a small development team, who are collectively responsible for all phases of development and delivery. I like the greater involvement of users found in product development. Where possible I aim for automating as much as possible, including testing and delivery. Advocate for agile development approaches, and have worked using variations of XP since 2000.

Recently used technologies: Swift/iOS/AppClips, Java/Android, Java/Spring/Postgresql, Typescript/AngularJS, Kotlin.

✱ Intelliware Development, Toronto, Canada, 1999/07 - Current

Technical Architect, team lead, and programmer on more than twenty software projects across the fields of start-up, product development, financial, e-health, manufacturing, and developer tooling. Instrumental in the early adoption of XP and agile processes in the company from 2000. Started a weekly technical reading group that ran for more than a hundred sessions, and other initiatives such as an employee picture gallery.

ProWire Sports, 2021/02 - 2021/12

Technical lead and developer on the ProWire iOS and Android apps for streaming low-latency audio to the in-stadium audience. Also developed the game data server for administration of events. Technology: Swift, AppClips, iOS, Android, Java, Postgres, jHipster, Heroku.

ICT, 2015/02 - 2015/06

Technical lead for Intelliware’s portfolio of ICT projects. Development and maintenance on ten or so projects for half-a-dozen customers spread across a range of web, server, and mobile technologies. Focus on improving automation to ease the burden of supporting such a broad range of projects, such as the use of Docker for continuous delivery and improved resource utilization.

IHTSDO, 2014/06 - 2014/12

Developer on the Member License Distribution Service website for IHTSDO, the developers of the SNOMED health terminology standard. Team was distributed across Canada and Europe. Technology: Java, AngularJS, Spring, PostgreSQL.

Unique, 2013/09 - 2014/3

Architect and developer on “fit me” button for the Unique clothing service to be placed on retailer’s websites. Implemented as a third-party JavaScript widget that supported automated sign-in without the use of browser cookies. Technology: Java, JavaScript, AngularJS, AWS, REST, Spring.

Hello Receipts, 2012/11 - 2013/07

Technical lead on product venture that was the first cloud based application development within the company, that also used an agile analytics approach. Technology: NodeJS, Java, Heroku, AWS, S3, SQS,, MongoDB, Redis, etc.

TripSnapz, 2012/10 - 2012/11

Technical lead on product venture to generating engaging trip summaries from a user’s online photos. Enriched with additional context from wikipedia, weather, and other external sources. Technology: Java, Facebook, Flickr, Wikipedia, etc.

OutsideIQ, 2011/10 - 2012/08

Developer on the OutsideIQ technology and implementation for insurance companies. Big data service that enriches internal corporate data with external data sources to support risk-based decision support systems. Technology: Java, GeoServer, Google Maps.

Process & Enterprise Technology Team, 2008/03 - 2011/08

Member of three person group that supported teams across the company in the delivery of their projects. Worked on range of initiatives: process and technology adoption; reducing continuous build times by the use of multiple VMWare VMs; organizing company technical talks and broadcasting between both locations; replacing company wiki; building a company wide search service on Solr, Nutch crawler, and Java; and so on.

DevCreek, 2006/06 - 2007/12

Technical lead on product with Kent Beck from 2006 to provide an open service for development teams to monitor, analyze, and learn from their ongoing project activities. Technology: Java, REST, Eclipse Plugin.

TripCentral, 2005/05 - 2006/06

Developer on thick client application for travel agents. Technology: Java, Eclipse RCP/JFace.

Other Projects

Outside these listed projects I also worked on another dozen or so projects over my time at Intelliware.

✱ Machiavelli, Vancouver, Canada, 1999/02 - 1999/06

Adapted the Machiavelli board game as a multi-player network game with the intent of commercial publication. Technology: Windows DirectX, Dolphin Smalltalk, C.

✱ Object Technology International, Ottawa, Canada, 1997/11 - 1999/01

IBM VisualAge for Java, Ottawa, Canada, 1997/11 - 1999/01

Programmer in the UI team working on development browsers during the 2.0 and 3.0 releases. Technology: Smalltalk.

UML Modeller for VisualAge, London, UK, 1997/09 - 1997/10

Programmer prior to the initial release of the product. Technology: Smalltalk.

✱ Intuitive Systems Ltd, Stevenage, UK, 1995/10 - 1997/08

Hood, 1997/02 - 1997/08

Software engineer on a generic rules based data capture application, to be used in-house for creating insurance and banking applications. Technology: Java.

Dolphin Smalltalk, 1995/10 - 1997/01

Software Engineer on the Dolphin Smalltalk development environment. Present during early development and beta product release. Worked on development tools such as browsers, debuggers, menu builders, etc; module system; browser plugin; generation of stand-alone executables; software visualization. Technology: Dolphin Smalltalk, Visual C++, Windows 95/NT.

✱ CRM Ltd, Glasgow, UK, 1994/12 - 1995/09

Lavoisier, 1994/12 - 1995/09

Software Engineer on the Lavoisier product, an interactive multimedia simulation of a school chemistry laboratory for the educational market. Technology: Visual C++, Windows 3.1, Intel 8x86 assembly.

✱ Additional Experience

ACM OOPSLA’07 accepted video: From 0 to 1,169,600 in 3 minutes: nine months of testing by the DevCreek team, 2007

BSc Computer Science, Swansea, 1990/09 - 1993/06

✱ Open Source / Public Domain

Sample of the open source, and public domain, projects that I worked on over the years.

Barnable text reader, 2020 - 2021

Prototype text reader inspired by BORIS ~1980. Kotlin

vcgrep, 2015

Implementation of the grep command line tool for searching files, that shows total matches as a visual bar in the terminal. JavaScript


As an Intelliware developer, contributed to the Member License Distribution Service website for IHTSDO, the developers of the SNOMED health terminology standard. Java

SonarQube Piwik Plugin, 2010

SonarQube plugin to collect usage data in the Piwik/Matamo analytics platform. Java

Abora Hypertext and Udanax Gold to Java converter, 2001 - 2005

Investigation into the Udunax Gold hypertext code base, together with a translator tool to Java. Additionally, wrote the Abora system in Dolphin Smalltalk to better understand the fundamentals.

Svengali profiler for Dolphin Smalltalk, 1998

Profiling system using sampling and tracing to collect data on running code, in addition to specialized event detection. Variety of browsers to view the collected data, with custom mural views for viewing the larger amount of collected data, and a variant of flame views. Dolphin Smalltalk

Miscellaneous Acorn Archimedes, 1994

Collection of desktop utilities for the Acorn Archimedes, together with some simple games, and an attempt at generating automated players for them using Genetic Programming ideas. BBC Basic, ARM assembly