Code Catacomb

The resting place of a number of odds and ends that I have programmed in the past, mostly on the Acorn Archimedes. I have supplied the distribution file and have htmled all the existing documentation in a pretty mechanical fashion, I haven't tried to tidy any of it up like I probably should have. I'm no mortician, so if it went out a wreck, that's the way it's stayed.

Browsing over the contents, things certainly seemed to have aged more gracefully in my memory versus the display I have put on.

Astrophel Prototype desktop space strategy game, ahead of its time and my then ability. Still sports some interesting ideas.
Gambara Simple tool for relaying current context of mouse pointer.
Funky IconZ2 Fun tool to replace task icon with an animated icon
InfoBar Low weight display of useful data on desktop.
Over Filer UI improvements to filer icons
Searcher Throwaway multi files test searcher
Trynth Multiuser turn based desktop space strategy game.
Genetic Trynth Attempt to generate computer players for Trynth using Genetic Programming techniques.

Regrettably I have also lost a few of my other older projects. Converting Little Smalltalk to RiscOS was probably the largest project I undertook, taking the command line based LST, and adapting it to use the RiscOS windows and make the core libraries/compiler/vm more like Smalltalk-80. I'm sure it would stink if I ever found the damned disk with it on, still I enjoyed it, though not the performance on my machine... A Neural Network simulator with nice programmable UI that I once hoped could struggle on to be a commercial product. No such luck. The last missing program I can remember was a desktop pinboard which you could shrink windows down to icons on, have multiple desktops, etc. The nice feature was that the iconified windows used a shrunk down version of the windows appearance at the time of iconification.