Machiavelli 2ed Adaptation 1999

Windows 95/98/NT adaptation of the Avalon Hill Machiavelli 2nd edition board game. Developed using Dolphin Smalltalk, Visual C++ and DirectX 6.0 over a period of 3 months during early 1999.

Multi-user turn based strategy game set during the Renaissance period. Players control city states whose ultimate aim is to reunify Italy, through military and diplomatic efforts. Based on the Diplomacy game with additional factors of the age; finances, plagues, famines, assassinations, the papacy, economics, loans and special units.

The current version supports all the basic/advanced/optional rules from the boardgame, hotseat and network play, saving/loading, tutorial, manual, history of past actions and game board state and support for alternative scenarios.

If you are interested in developing similar strategy games of your own please get in contact. I have had a first stab at a Dolphin Smalltalk library/framework for creating similar games which you might find educational.

Originally aimed for commercial release, the adaptation is now consigned to private project status. Due to copyright reasons the adaptation is not publicly available. Sorry, but hopefully Hasbro will eventually release an official adaptation.

This adaption has been a private development, and is not associated in any way with Avalon Hill or Hasbro Interactive.
Machiavelli and Diplomacy are trademarks of Avalon Hill.