Svengali Profiler 1998

Svengali is an extensible profiler for Dolphin Smalltalk with support for method invocation, object creation, event triggers, and the window dispatch. It also includes novel visualizations for viewing an entire execution in one view. The current version of Svengali is from the 7th June 1998, and is compatible with Dolphin Smalltalk 2.1.

Svengali is supplied as a 345k ZIP file containing the Dolphin packages, 2 DLLs which must be present in your Dolphin installation directrory and a set of html help files. Once downloaded unzip into the Dolphin installation directory. You can then install the Profiler and/or ExecutionTracer packages using the Dolphin Package browser. See the respective package comments, or the html help pages to get started.

Dolphin 3.0beta1 compatible version has kindly been made available by Ian Bartholomew as a ZIP file

The documentation is also available online for your browsing.

Svengali is Public Domain.